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Not anything at the moment. Invite me via Facebook or via Twitter or via Google+!

Past public appearances

SomeTime2011, Aalto Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5, Espoo, Finland on Saturday 11.6.2011 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.: "Facec÷mic: Kokeile oman blogin tekemistń sarjakuvalla! -ty÷paja" work shop at "Engine Room". Read my SomeTime2011 Invitation and my Facec÷mic Work Shop Invitation! Read Jimmy J. Jazz - Facec÷mic: SomeTime2011: Facec÷mic Work Shop comic blogs made by participants.

Newest Facec÷mic

42. Jimmy J. Jazz - The answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe, and everything (the 29th of August, 2012)


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You can read the newest release of Facec÷mic from here. You can also put the static address of the newest release http://www.jjazz.com/facecomic.jpg to your Intranet, and its' content will change every week.

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"Wednesday is the best day, because then comes - Jimmy J. Jazz!"

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Facec÷mic drawing tools

I use the following drawing tools for Facec÷mic:

Jimmy J. Jazz drawing history

I haven't been drawing anything in my entire life so far. Really.

I started drawing on 5th of February 2011 for the party, where I showed my first Facec÷mic. I don't know what happened, but two weeks later I had drawn 12 more, and I was still full of new ideas.

My aim is to draw 52 strips and publish them as a paper album.

What is Facec÷mic?

Facec÷mic is comics blog, which is published weekly on Wednesdays.

Questions and answers

Q: Why aren't you using any real artist tools?

A: Because I am not a real artist.

Q: Do you use scanned pictures?

A: No, I draw each picture by hand individually. There are no scanned pictures, and there will not be!

Q: Do you draw through?

A: No, but I am usually having a model on the screen, and I draw on free hand.

Q: Why is your handwriting so awful?

A: I have written everything outside school using computer keyboard since I was 13. Dig it?

Facec÷mic <> Facecomic

This site is purely of Facec÷mic. There might also be a Facecomic, but I have nothing to do with it. Beware of the fake Facec÷mics!

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Contact information

If you want to book me for public appearances, like for instance for workshop or for panel discussion or make an interview of me, I'm free to come and I won't charge you anything as long as we are in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa. Contact me via Facebook or via Twitter or via Google+. I do not have time to travel to other parts of Finland or to foreign countries.

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