31. Jimmy J. Jazz - Facec÷mic: Drowning by Numbers (the 1st of February, 2012)


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I went all my Facec÷mic strips through and I noticed that I have missed SoMe numbering.

The original aim was to draw 52 Facec÷mic strips and stop.

Same thing happened to me when I started to play drums: the original idea was to understand how Rush songs were made and stop.

Still playing after 27 years.

I do bookkeeping for my companies, so missing numbers worries me.

You are not supposed to loose numbers in professional bookkeeping.

But it looks like I do.

I think this must be because of too much stress in my life.

Almost every thing can be fixed, except people.

So I just draw and number the ones I have missed.

#31 6.11.2011

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