26. Jimmy J. Jazz - Facec÷mic: meets ZZ Top part 1 (the 2nd of December, 2011)


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This is a true story: my most confusing music experience was when me and my band were ready to perform in "Espan lava", which is the stage on Helsinki city center, "Esplanadi park".

I saw Rolls-Royce stopping near stage.

"Tres Hombres" came out.

I saw ZZ Top walking beside of our stage, going to restaurant Kappeli terrace, ordering beer and waiting for our band to begin.

To be continued... (read Jimmy J. Jazz meets ZZ Top part 2)

#26 18.3.2011

Keywords: Facec÷mic, music, performing, Espan lava, Helsinki, Esplanadi park, ZZ Top, Kappeli