1. Jimmy J. Jazz - Facec÷mic: Garf (the 5th of February, 2011)


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My friend Garf died about one year ago. I knew him from old Social Networks like Vaxi and Clinet since 1980's. He was also running his own bulletin board system from his home using a PC, modem and phone line, as I did.

Garf was really nice and friendly. He loved good food. He was the first of our own, who died. Now there are only 299 of us original Finnish hackers. Who will be next?

We will gather together this evening to remember him, and this is ment to be annual meeting.

Only six are attending. Shouldn't we try to meet each others more as long as we are still alive?

What really bothers me is that Garf's Social Media accounts are still alive, and they keep asking me if I would like to reconnect to him. So if you like to live forever, do it on the Internet!

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